Trevor Lawrence Upset Over Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'

Rapper Lil Nas X turned heads recently when he released his 'Satan Shoes' that reportedly feature [...]

Rapper Lil Nas X turned heads recently when he released his "Satan Shoes" that reportedly feature a drop of human blood. Many people voiced criticism of the decision, including a future NFL quarterback. Trevor Lawrence said that the "line has to be drawn somewhere."

The former Clemson quarterback retweeted a post that featured several looks at the new shoes. The tweet revealed that there will be 666 individually-numbered pairs of red and black shoes. These are the same shoes that "the devil" wore during his music video for "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)," and they prompted a strong response from Lawrence. He seemingly made it clear that he will not line up to purchase a pair of the new Nike shoes.

There were several arguments that broke out on social media after Lawrence voiced his displeasure about the shoes. Some people claimed that he was "hiding homophobia in veiled outrage" while others asked why he didn't protest "holy water shoes." The comments continued with a mix of calm discourse and wild accusations about numerous issues. Some people just said that Chick-fil-A needs to release a pair of their own shoes to "balance the scales."

Lawrence is not the only athlete to speak out about Lil Nas X's shoes. Former Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young responded to the release with a strongly-worded tweet. "My kids will never play Old Town road again.. I'm still debating about wearing [Nike] after this come [on] nike a drop of blood for real," he wrote.

The shoes became available on Monday morning and reportedly sold out in less than a minute, prompting further discourse about them. Each pair cost $1,018, which was reportedly a reference to the Bible passage Luke 10:18. The verse reads: "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

Following the release of the shoes, there were several questions about why Nike would release them. The manufacturer responded with a statement distancing itself from the designs. "We do not have a relationship with Lil Nas X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them," the statement said, per Input Mag. A MSCHF spokesperson also told CNN that "not involved in this in any capacity."