'The Price Is Right' Plinko Game Predicts Super Bowl Winner

With Super Bowl LV nearly here, which is free to watch online, there are countless fans making predictions about whether the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the Lombardi Trophy. Now Drew Carey and a beloved game show have gotten involved. The Price is Right's game, Plinko, predicted that the Chiefs will win a second consecutive title.

A bearded Carey stepped up to the massive Plinko board in a video posted to Twitter and explained that he would use a very scientific method to determine the winner of the Big Game. He dropped the first chip in, which bounced around before landing on the Buccaneers. The next three, however, all pointed to the Chiefs as the winners of Super Bowl LV. With his scientific method complete, Carey declared Andy Reid and co. as the champions.

"That's three for Kansas City. I'll do this last one just for the heck of it," Carey said before dropping in the final Plinko chip. It bounced around the board before coming to rest on another Chiefs' logo. "Woah! KC all the way," Carey said.

A noted Browns fan, The Price is Right host said that he had a "bone to pick" with the Chiefs. The reason is that the two teams met during the AFC's Divisional Round. The Browns were riding high after forcing four Ben Roethlisberger interceptions and handily defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chiefs, on the other hand, were playing in the team's first game of the postseason after securing a bye during the Wild Card.


The Browns started the afternoon slowly, only scoring three points before halftime. The offense performed better during the second half, scoring two touchdowns, but could not overcome the 19-3 halftime deficit. Backup quarterback Chad Henne, who played in the second half due to a Patrick Mahomes injury, ultimately sealed the win with a fourth-down pass to Tyreek Hill.

Following a 38-24 win over the Bills in the AFC Championship, the Chiefs are back in the Big Game for the second consecutive season. Defeating Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be an easy task, but the Chiefs now have fate on their side. Plinko has determined the game's outcome.