Eric Decker Channels His Inner Superhero With Batman Halloween Costume

Former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker celebrated Halloween on Saturday alongside his wife, Jessie James Decker, and their three children. While one child dressed as Captain America, Decker opted for a different superhero. He channeled his inner crime fighter and went trick or treating as Batman.

Decker posted a photo on social media showing the family dressed up in their various outfits. He didn't have a "movie-quality" Batman outfit but still had the iconic horns atop his head. The former Denver Broncos player also wore a "Bat-shirt" that featured fake abs and the yellow logo. Jessie also posted the same photo on her Instagram account, as well as many others from previous Halloweens, saying that their son, Forrest, actually knew what was going on this year.

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Along with the photos, Decker posed a question to his fans. He wanted to know if Jessie could take all of the Reese's cups out of their children's' baskets. He asked the social media users to weigh in and provide feedback about this situation.

Several people responded to the former NFL star and expressed their opinions about whether Jessie was "breaking the law" by taking Reese's cups. Some said that this practice is common and referred to it as the Halloween "tax." Others said that it is her right due to giving birth to the children. They proclaimed that she had gone through enough and deserved the sweet treats.


Decker was not the only high-profile celebrity celebrating Halloween by dressing at Batman. The superhero was very popular over the weekend. Rapper Travis Scott also dressed as the Dark Knight, but he sparked comments for his unique take on the character. Instead of wearing an all-black suit, Scott was dressed all in brown. He posed next to two brown luxury vehicles, prompting criticism from social media users. They said that he looked like a cockroach and mercilessly bullied Scott. He later deactivated his Instagram account.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor also dressed as Batman — although he admitted that his costume was a bit off. The Irishman wrote on Instagram that he went as some sort of "Batman/Joker hybrid" while showing off a costume covered in what appeared to be fake blood. McGregor then asked his fans to refer to him as "Jacked Man."