'Teen Mom OG': Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis Break Silence on His Arrest

Back in January, it was reported that Cheyenne Floyd's fiancé Zach Davis was arrested after allegedly violating probation. Now, both Floyd and Davis are speaking out on the matter. According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the Teen Mom OG stars addressed the legal issue on their joint YouTube channel. 

Floyd, Davis, and her father Kyle Floyd took part in a "Truth or Drink" game during which they answered fans' questions. One of the questions dealt with Davis' arrest, which led to him and Floyd taking a drink. However, they still went on to address the situation

"Everything comes with a consequence. Like [Cheyenne's dad] said, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime," Davis said. "I don't know, it was all mistakes that I made in the past and I won't make again. I got a family now. I got a huge support system that I'm not trying to sabotage." Floyd went on to say that Davis' past behavior is one of the reasons why their relationship didn't work out the first time around. Although, she does believe that he has since learned his lesson and will do better. 

"I think from that situation and things that happened in his past, he learned from them and made certain mistakes and did certain things to have certain outcomes," she explained. "They all didn't pan out the way he thought they would. All you can do is learn from things that have happened to you and turn them into a positive or make sure they don't happen again." Floyd and Davis said that they want to use this situation to be a learning lesson to other young men who are considering engaging in criminal activities. 


"I feel like now he's in a position and has a platform where he can talk about things and talk to other young men who maybe think that fast money, or think that this lifestyle can get you this look," Floyd added. "But it's not, it doesn't work that way. All things have consequences." Davis was reportedly arrested in early January after he was going through customs in LAX. While at the airport, customs agents saw that he had outstanding arrest warrants against him. The Teen Mom star was reportedly arrested for allegedly violating probation for cases involving theft and DUI. He was taken into custody at the time, booked, and held briefly. Davis was released shortly after.