'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee's Husband Josh Responds to Her Cheating Allegations

Josh McKee has finally responded after Mackenzie McKee previously accused her husband of cheating on her with her own cousin. In a tell-all Facebook post about two weeks ago, McKee said she was ready to “walk away” with her husband after discovering his infidelity. Now, Josh has finally voiced his comments after his wife’s claims.

Josh took to Instagram over the weekend to explain the situation. In his initial post, he wrote, “Better worry about your own sins” before adding that he is “just here for the comments.” That’s when Josh really gave some more information about the situation in a reply to a fan’s comment. Josh explained that he’s “been through the ringer” during his time on Teen Mom. He noted that he wasn’t surprised at the backlash he received, but wants to let everyone know that there’s another side of the story. “But if you are going to come at me with what little you all really know, know your damn facts,” Josh wrote, before adding that it is “not a one sided ball game.”

When Mackenzie came out and revealed what had been going on with her husband, she shared that all of this occurred shortly after the passing of her mother. As seen in recent episodes, this was as difficult of a time as she had ever endured, which made this drama with Josh seem hard to believe as Mackenzie described herself being in “utter shock” when she put the pieces together. She admitted she was told many times from others about the type of person Josh is, but brushed it off in the past. Mackenzie wrote in her post that this experience has opened “my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been,” adding that he was all a lie.

All of this comes after what Mackenzie called “the worst year of my life” following the death of Angie Douhit. With all that went down last year, she was very unsure about watching some of the episodes of this season’s Teen Mom OG. She wrote on social media that she’d rather not relieve those moments and said this would be “hard” to watch.

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday.