'Teen Mom': Kailyn Lowry Claims Estranged Dad Tried to Kidnap Her

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry shared some startling claims about her estranged father Raymond on her Coffee Convos podcast's latest episode. Lowry and co-host Lindsie Chrisley hit on the topic of reaching out to the estranged family during the episode, highlighting a friend's story about contacting their biological parents. The discussion led to Lowry discussing her parents and her experiences as a child, including her father reportedly kidnapping her.

"My mom was granted temporary custody of me as as she completed a 30-day rehab program...which supposedly she did," Lowry says on the podcast. "And I think my dad did try to see me at some point, and then he just fell off the face of the earth. I think because my mom made it pretty difficult."

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Lowry continues and says she has experienced similar experiences to her mother at this point, giving her an understanding of some of her childhood decisions. That's when the kidnapping was revealed. "But my dad did kidnap me and brought me to Texas and tried to raise me there, and both sides told me that," Lowry said. "So it's not like he didn't want me, its just that he didn't have...it would have been his sister raising me...and I don't think my mother or my father knew what they were getting themselves into when they were having me...So I ended up just bouncing around."

Raymond Lowry has popped up in the past concerning MTV's series 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. According to The Sun, Kailyn Lowry's father posted on social media about claims he was on the show and that it made him look bad. "No, that's a f—ing joke. Don't even start this s—. You haven't been around or tried with either of us nor paid child support so get the f— outta here," Lowry wrote in response to her father.

The Sun adds that Lowry hasn't seen her dad since 2009 during a visit to Texas while pregnant with her son, Isaac. The Teen Mom star has also been critical of her mother's role in her childhood. She criticized Suzi several times, referring to her as "fake" for not being there when Kailyn was younger and for letting the reality star take the blame for her mother's offenses.


"I was blamed a lot for my mom, my mom's actions, my mom's everything… Something was always my fault," Lowry said previously on her podcast. "And then on top of that, I'm being blamed for what my mom was doing, and then on top of that my mom wasn't loving me correctly, and then my dad obviously didn't love me at all… I was born into this. I didn't choose this. I didn't do anything wrong. It was just what I was born into. So like they didn't love me properly."

Despite some drama on the show and her relationships, Lowry is now doing very well. She's happy with herself and loving to her kids, even plotting a move soon to build a new home, a longtime dream for the reality star.