'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer and Boyfriend Jaylan Mobley Take Big Step in Their Relationship

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer reached yet another milestone with her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, on Tuesday's episode of the MTV series. First, the couple traveled to Costa Rica, where Messer's sister Victoria Messergot engaged to Royer Rodriguez. Then, it was finally time for Mobley to meet Messer's daughters — Aleeah, Aliannah and Adalynn.

Cameras weren't on hand to capture their trip to Costa Rica. But, Messer recounted the fun they had to one of her friends when they returned home. She said that during one night of the trip, Mobley set up a romantic, candlelit dinner for her, during which he asked her to be his girlfriend. Since things have been going well for the pair, she readily accepted. After becoming exclusive, Messer felt as though it was finally the right time for her boyfriend to meet her children. 

Prior to the meeting, both Mobley and the three girls, on separate occasions, told Messer that they were a bit nervous about how it would go. However, once they did come together at Messer's home, things went swimmingly and the conversation flowed. Mobley even acknowledged that he has something big in common with her eldest two kids, as he is also a twin. When the girls spoke with their mom later on, they all remarked that they thought that Mobley had a cool "vibe" and that they were happy for her. 

Messer and Mobley's relationship is moving right along off-camera, as well. More recently, Mobley surprised the reality star by purchasing them a house to call their own in West Virginia, her home and his "second home." He shared the news on Instagram and shared how excited he was to be starting this new chapter with Messer and her kids. His caption began, "I'm proud of you for selling your first home and so I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home. We deserve this! You deserve this!"


"I can't wait to build, grow, and create generational wealth, legacy, and opportunities for us and our families," Mobley continued. "This is to the next chapter and really leveling up!" He went on to note that this is a particularly special moment for him as a "black young man from Charlotte," adding, "this is a dream come true."