'Teen Mom: Family Reunion': Leah Messer Introduces Boyfriend Jaylan, Addresses Relationship Issues

Leah Messer's boyfriend Jaylan Mobley was introduced on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. His appearance on the spinoff series comes months after the pair went public with their relationship. Even though Messer was thrilled that her boyfriend showed up to the retreat with the other Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars, she couldn't help but worry about the issues within their relationship. 

Towards the beginning of the episode, Messer told the other moms that she has difficulty opening up. She said that she struggles with this issue when it comes to both her friendships and romantic relationships. However, she said that she wants to better herself so that she doesn't push her new boyfriend away. The Teen Mom 2 star then sought out help from Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, who helped her get to the root of her issues. 

Dr. Bryant asked Messer to reflect on her life and the two began to discuss the reality star's childhood. The counselor was able to get Messer to open up about her strained relationship with her father, who left the family when she was a young girl. In a confessional, the MTV personality noted that her relationship with her dad has definitely affected how she navigates relationships today. After getting some insight about herself, Messer was able to lead with her emotions when Mobley arrived. 

She was, of course, overjoyed about her boyfriend's arrival. But, it wasn't before long that they had a couple of serious conversations about where their relationship is headed. Messer said that she does have her doubts about whether they'll last and explained that much of that has to do with her own ability to let her guard down. When they discussed the matter further over lunch, she explained that one of the other issues that have been at the forefront of her mind is the distance between them, as she lives in West Virginia with her three kids while he resides in Georgia. 


Messer stressed that she wants to be more open with Mobley and added that she wants him to see the "good" and the "bad." Will the two be able to make it work? Based on the episode, and everything that Messer has said about their relationship, it seems as though they're in a good place. But, Teen Mom fans will simply have to stay tuned.