'Teen Mom 2' Dad Adam Lind Arrested on Multiple Charges

Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind was back behind bars last month after Chelsea Houska's ex was arrested again following a nearly two-year period of staying out of trouble with the law. Lind, who shares 10-year-old daughter Aubree with the Houska, was arrested on Aug. 20 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, and charged with failure to pay child support and driving with expired plates, as first reported by Starcasm, with his bond set at $2,155.

He has since been released, but it's unclear the penalty he will face if convicted on both charges. Lind's owed child support stems from his custody agreement with Houska; as while he has another daughter with ex Taylor Halbur, he signed away his parental rights in 2018 to allow Halbur's husband to legally adopt her. Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, have made it clear that they would be ready and willing for a similar adoption situation in their own family, but that Lind would have to acquiesce. "In a heartbeat, Cole would [adopt Aubree]," the MTV star said in May 2018 during an appearance on Kailyn Lowry's Coffee Convos podcast. "But in order for that to happen, Aubree's dad would have to agree completely."

Lind has a long laundry list of arrests, with his most recent run-in with the law ahead of his August charges coming in May 2018, during which he was charged with violating a protective or no-contact order, violating a domestic stalking protective order and not paying child support. In 2017, Lind was arrested several times, once for violating a no-contact order filed by an ex-girlfriend, another time on domestic assault charges, a third time for failing several court-mandated drug tests, and in April for "exhibition driving."


Houska, now pregnant with her fourth child, told PopCulture.com last month that despite the difficult situation with her ex, Aubree has been able to "come into her own" when it comes to having a say about her father and the custody situation. "She is a part of those conversations. She has her own opinions," Houska said, adding that in the past, she and DeBoer have felt like they were playing a "guessing game" with what Aubree wanted. "She seriously impresses me, she's so confident with her decisions and speaks up with what she wants," Houska beamed. "She never doesn't say what she thinks."