'Southern Charm': Thomas Ravenel Files for Full Custody of His Kids, Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Drug Use

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel has accused ex Kathryn Dennis of using cocaine and neglecting their two children in a new filing requesting full custody, reports The Sun. Ravenel, 58, filed for sole custody of 6-year-old daughter Kensington and 4-year-old son Saint on Oct. 23, according to court documents obtained by All About the Tea, despite coming to a joint custody agreement with Dennis, 29, in 2019.

In the papers filed in a South Carolina court, Ravenel claimed that since the 2019 agreement, there had been changes affecting the "health, safety and welfare" of his children, saying he believed Dennis had "relapsed and is no longer sober from illegal drugs." He continued to accuse Dennis of using cocaine while having physical custody of the kids and "believes that mother has left cocaine within reach of the minor children while the minor children were in her care, creating and placing the minor children in an immediate risk of harm." He requested that Dennis submit to a 10-panel hair test and blood drug test.

Ravenel also accused his ex of giving Kensie her old cell phone, on which he and the children's nanny allegedly found "obscene and pornographic material, including pornographic photos and videos of mother with various men, on the cell phone." He continued with allegations that the Bravo star left the kids alone or with unfit guardians several times, citing an alleged incident on July 2 in which a neighbor called police after seeing their child escape from the home and run into the street.

"When the police arrived at Mother’s residence, Mother was not home and the children’s maternal grandfather was inside the residence asleep," according to the court papers. "Father is informed and believes that Mother routinely sleeps throughout the day, leaving the minor children to fend for themselves."

Ravenel accused Dennis of having "routinely failed to get the minor children to school on time or at all," saying Kensie missed her first day of first grade and said his children live in "unhygienic" surroundings, alleging Dennis of being a "hoarder." The papers claimed, "The minor children are routinely returned to Father dirty, smelly, unwashed, with matted hair, and in disarray after being in Mother’s care."


Ravenel requested he can take the children from Charleston, where he and Dennis are well-known due to their time on Southern Charm and said he would waive child support from his ex, as he claimed she is "incapable of responsibly handling her finances and will inevitably default on any child support obligation.” Dennis has yet to respond to the filing, and a court hearing is scheduled for December.

Dennis lost full custody of the former couple's children in 2016 and sought treatment after testing positive for marijuana. In 2018, she filed for primary custody when Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting their nanny, pleading guilty to assault and battery charges in 2019. That same year, the two agreed to share joint legal and physical custody after a nasty court battle.