'Southern Charm' Alum Thomas Ravenel Appears to Take 'Hallucinogenic Drugs' in New Video Filed in Court

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is currently in a court battle with ex Kathryn Dennis over custody of their children, and a new statement by Dennis alleges that the former politician was captured on video allegedly experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs.

The undated video, obtained by the Daily Mail, shows Ravenel allegedly experimenting with the drugs during a party at his home in Charleston, with Ravenel putting his hand into an open plastic bag held by someone else, saying, "I've never tried this in my life."

"You're gonna do that right now? Thomas, no. No, you're, like, gonna geek out right now," a woman can be heard telling him. "I wouldn't want to do it. I don't want to hallucinate."

"It's just mushrooms," the 57-year-old appears to reply through slurs.

Dennis wrote in the accompanying affidavit that "various people have sent me all kinds of things regarding Thomas over the years," and the song playing in the background of the clip, DJ Snake's "Middle," was released in late 2015, meaning the video is from no earlier than around four years ago. Dennis and Ravenel share two children together, 5-year-old daughter Kensie and 3-year-old son Saint.

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In court papers, Dennis also accused Ravenel of inappropriate, violent and sexually assaultive behavior.

"The time that we had a pool party and Thomas was so drunk while holding Kensie that he fell into the pool with her as a baby and I had to jump in to grab Kensie: the Christmas where Thomas flew into a range [sic] and threw the Christmas tree that I had decorated across the room," she wrote. "The time he put my fake fur coat in a tub full of water…the time he threw a lamp at me and glass shattered everywhere; and the time he threw an astray [sic] in my face."

"And the time …when he masturbated on my back while I was asleep because he was mad at me for rejecting his advances for sex (because I was exhausted and pregnant). I also discovered that he had been watching muscleman porn that night," she added.

Conditions placed on Ravenel and Dennis state that they are not to be intoxicated or under the influence while caring for their children, something Dennis claims Ravenel flagrantly denied after he sent her a video of himself drunkenly referring to their son by their daughter's name.

"Inexplicably - Thomas just sent me a video of Saint watching some old cartoons on television with him sitting in his chair…(you can see Thomas' feet and Saint sitting close to the TV)," she wrote. "In a slurred voice, he states, 'Remember this Kensie' - to our son, Saint."


Ravenel and Dennis currently have joint custody of their children, though the judge's temporary ruling designated Ravenel as the children's primary legal custodian. Dennis is seeking full custody. Earlier this month, Ravenel pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges in order to avoid jail time in his sexual assault case, in which he was accused of rape by his former nanny.

Photo Credit: Bravo