'Mama June' Shannon Tests 'Positive for Cocaine' as She Tearfully Agrees to Enter Rehab

During the latest episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, Mama June Shannon agreed to attend out-patient rehab during a dramatic meeting with daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon. The reality TV star was shown taking a drug test, which showed she had "cocaine" in her system at the time. At the beginning of the episode, Shannon insisted she was three months sober, and later said both she and boyfriend Geno Doak were "clean."

The Friday episode picked up right where the June 5 one ended, showing what happened when Pumpkin and Shannon met for the first time in several weeks. Pumpkin grilled her mother with a series of tough questions. She asked Shannon why they sold their house, to which Shannon said they were broke and needed the money. Pumpkin also wondered why she was still in a relationship with Doak, even though she once called the police to report he hurt her. Shannon denied Doak ever hurt her and said she did not remember calling the police.

Next, Shannon took a drug test under the watchful eye of Marriage Boot Camp's Dr. Ish. Shannon said the only drug she was using was Xanax. Ish said there was no Xanax in her system, but the test found she was positive for cocaine, reports Hollywood Life. Shannon began crying and said she would take blood tests to prove she was not using cocaine. Ish tried to calm Shannon, telling her that sometimes taking too much cough medicine could lead to a positive cocaine test. He sent the tests to a lab, and they later determined that this was actually the case.

Despite that revelation, Shannon said agreed to follow Pumpkin's list of things she had to do to stay in contact with her family. First, she would have to get a phone. She would have to also take a drug test every week to prove she is sober. Pumpkin also wanted her to go to an in-patient rehab facility. Shannon agreed to everything but going to a facility. Instead, she agreed to do an out-patient rehab program to keep her "freedom" intact. Pumpkin was not happy about this, but she agreed to make the compromise. Later, Pumpkin drove Shannon to her first rehab treatment.

Shannon repeatedly claimed Doak was "clean" as well, but Pumpkin had to explain that if Doak is drinking beer, he is not sober. At the very end, she told producers the full story has not been revealed yet. The next episode will air on Friday at 9 p.m. ET on WEtv. Shannon had been estranged from her daughters after she and Doak were arrested on drug charges in March 2019. She reportedly had crack cocaine and a crack pipe on her when she was arrested. In September, they were charged with felonies and they pleaded not guilty in October.