'Honey Boo Boo' Alana Thompson Admits Not Being Ready to Face 'Mama June' Shannon in Aftermath of Drug Arrest

"Mama June" Shannon has seemingly lost the faith of her children according to the most recent episode of Mama June: Family Crisis. Daughter Pumpkin has made it clear that she's in no rush to see her mother ahead of her drug trial, and now "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson is sharing similar thoughts.

During a trip to the donut shop together, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and "Honey Boo Boo" were chatting about their feelings toward their mother ahead of her appearance in court. The episode from Friday shows that both initially thought boyfriend Geno Doak was a "good guy" before the past year of events with "Mama June," but he has soured the relationship and made it so that neither daughter is ready to face their mother.

"I don't think I'm ready to see her yet. I still can't believe she sold everything too, that she couldn't even like text me like, 'hey, do you want this?'" Thompson said in the clip shared by WeTV. "As long as Geno is around, he's going to keep manipulating mama and everybody else."

The two go on to debate how bad things have gotten for Doak and Shannon during her downward spiral following her drug arrest. The issue has been quite hard on "Pumpkin," as seen in a later conversation with Doe Doe about going to a court date later in the episode.

"She was always like, 'oh well, no man will ever come in between us. It's always gonna be us,'" The young Shannon tells her aunt during a coffee date on the episode. "And look where we're at now."

"Pumpkin" has been frank in the past about her issues with her mother, lashing out at "Mama June" in past episodes and even threatened to slap her mother on sight at one point. She also lashed out after "Mama June" managed to "ruin" her family vacation without being present thanks to the leaked video of Doak and Shannon under the influence in front of their former home.

"This trip was supposed to be a relaxation trip away from all the drama with mama. But now, on the last day, mama still manages to f— it up," "Pumpkin" said on the show. "That video of Geno crashing the Suburban into the house is pretty much a clear picture why I don't want Alana and Ella around them," he tells the camera. "I mean think about it, if Alana was sitting in the driveway, we'd be on our way to a funeral right now. I don't want that s—- nowhere near my kid or Alana or Pumpkin."


"Mama June" Shannon was set to head to court in April but the coronavirus pushed the date back to the fall according to The Blast. Shannon was photographed shopping during the pandemic and later shown on the beach in Florida with Doak, advertising t-shirts for sale to raise money for COVID-19 relief.