'Little People, Big World' Stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Expand Their Family

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek's family just got a little bigger, all thanks to a swimming new addition. As Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel Sofia Rock await the arrivals of their third and first children respectively, Roloff and her soon-to-be husband took a major step in their own relationship when they got their first pet together, a pet fish named King Henry V. The important moment is showcased in the upcoming Tuesday, July 27 episode of Little People, Big World.

Ahead of the episode, PEOPLE shared an exclusive clip, which documents Roloff and Marek checking off that major relationship milestone. In the clip, which you can view by clicking here, the couple decided to take that next step in their relationship after Marek's fish Henry dies. As they bring their new pet home, Roloff says, "this feels so important." The couple, whose journey on this season of the TLC series has largely revolved around those relationship milestones, are then seen placing the new fish in the tank. Marek remarks, "I dub him King Henry V. Just King Henry to his friends."

King Henry V joined the family ahead of the couple's Aug. 28 wedding. In an earlier episode of Little People, Big World, the couple discussed their wedding plans, including the location for the ceremony. Confirming that the Saturday, Aug. 28 wedding date is "set in stone" after the couple was forced to postpone their initial 2020 wedding date, the couple mulled over the idea of tying the knot at Roloff Farms. In the episode, Roloff said the family farm "is very much our plan B," but she wanted to make sure that Matt wasn't doing anything on that date or had planned something else happening on the farm." In a later episode, the couple confirmed they would be saying "I do" at Roloff Farms.

"Chris and I have made the final decision on the wedding venue and we're getting married at Roloff Farms," Roloff shared, explaining that she and her fiancé "weighed our options" and looked at other locations before deciding on the farm. Roloff said, "COVID came into play because I think a lot of people either changed or canceled and moved whatever was going on in 2020 to 2021, so other places just kind of eroded away and plan B became plan A."


Roloff and Marek have been an item since 2016, sparking romance following the finalization of her divorce from Matt, whom she had been married to for 27 years. To mark their third anniversary together, Marek dropped to one knee and popped the question. The couple initially planned to hold their wedding in 2020, though they were forced to postpone the ceremony due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They will now walk down the aisle on Aug. 28. News episodes of Little People, Big World air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.