'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Reconnects With Zach Despite Ongoing Dispute

Little People, Big World stars Matt and Zach Roloff may be in the midst of a feud over Roloff Farms, but they've still found time to reconnect for a special reason. According to Entertainment Tonight, the father and son pair were able to reconnect thanks to Zach's son, Josiah. Will their latest interaction help them move past their drama?

ET obtained a sneak peek of the next episode of Little People, Big World. In the clip, Matt appears at Zach's residence in Washington. Zach moved there with his wife, Tori Roloff, and their three children, Josiah, Lilah, and Jackson, in 2021. Their move came after Matt refused to lower the price on a Roloff Farms property that Zach wanted to purchase. Ever since then, there has been strife between the two Roloff men. However, some of that tension seemed to be eased when Matt visited his son's family in Washington

"Now, hi," Matt said to baby Josiah. "Do you remember meeting me? You didn't have your eyes open." He continued to say to his grandson, "Hi, you little cute guy. Oh, he's giving me a little smile." Tori said that Josiah had been a bit grumpy earlier in the day, but calmed down once his grandpa arrived. She said, "We just needed grandpa to be here so we weren't so grumpy." Elsewhere during Matt's visit, he toured the family's new Washington property. The tour even gave Matt and Zach the opportunity to bond. 

As Matt surveyed the new bridge that Zach built over the river, "Wow, doesn't that look good." In a confessional, Zach said that he knows that his father would appreciate the new construction, saying, "I've been working on this bridge for a while now and I'm excited that it's almost done. It's cool being able to show a project that I've done on my own property, by myself. I know [Matt's] into bridges and he's done a lot of bridge builds himself over the years." Matt certainly did appreciate his son's hard work, as he marveled in his own confessional, "This is super nice. When that water's flowing, this bridge is going to be the bomb. I'm happy that Zach is developing his own memories that remind me a lot of the memories that he had as a kid." 

Even though things appeared to go well during Matt's visit to Zach's Washington home, it doesn't seem as though they are fully back on track just yet. In October, Zach offered an update to ET about the state of his relationship with his father. While it didn't appear to be as strife-ridden as it once was, he did say that it was still a "tough situation."