'Little People, Big World': Zach Roloff Stuns With 'Awkward' News Reveal to Dad Matt

Zach and Tori Roloff are picking up their roots for a  move to Washington. According to Us Weekly, the couple made the decision after the failure to take over a part of Roloff Farms. The younger Roloffs had to share the "awkward" news with Zach's father, Matt Roloff, who currently serves as the owner of the family farm. 

In a sneak peek of the Little People, Big World Season 23 premiere, Zach and Tori can be seen telling Matt that they plan to move to Washington. The couple had been trying to negotiate with Matt to buy a part of Roloff Farms. But, after those negotiations proved to be unsuccessful, they decided to move out of Oregon. Matt had a different view of their discussions, as he said that his son came in "real hot" about the topic. 

"When Zach and I finally sat down, we were really in very different camps about what kind of a deal could go on," Matt told the camera. "Zach came in real hot. He didn't come in to negotiate. He came in to demand." A title card shed more insight on the situation, as it read, "Negotiations quickly fell apart." Even though Matt felt as though his son was the one who didn't handle the negotiations well, Zach had his own opinion on how it all went down. He said about his father, "He's looking for a situation that he can control. You're not dictating the terms here. You've dictated too much for too long." Tori also offered a brief statement on the drama, saying, "It's awkward."

There was already tension in the Roloff family, but it appears as though the news of their move took things to a different level. Zach and Tori had their 4-year-old son Jackson tell his grandparents about their move to Battle Ground, Washington. It didn't exactly sit well with them and, in particular, Matt's girlfriend Caryn Chandler. She said about their announcement, "It was weird. I mean, who the f–k does that?"


While fans will be able to see how this situation plays out when Little People, Big World premieres on May 17, Zach and Tori previously told their fans that they were moving. Back in October 2021, Tori shared the news on Instagram, writing, "I hope we never move again. We said goodbye to our sweet, cozy, unique, and very green house in Portland yesterday!!" She continued, "We have had so many beautiful memories in that house including bringing our sweet bean home from the hospital, countless gatherings, and just a whole lot of love. We will miss Portland but we're so excited for our new adventure in … WASHINGTON!"