'Little People, Big World': Matt and Zach Roloff Give Update on Their Tense Relationship

As of late, there's been a ton of drama between members of the Roloff family due to the sale of the family farm. In particular, Matt and his son Zach Roloff's relationship has been strained after negotiations for the farm fell through. How is Zach and Matt's relationship doing today? Both of the Little People, Big World stars opened up about the topic while speaking with Entertainment Tonight.

According to Matt, there's hope that he and Zach can get back to a better place. He told ET that their relationship is on the "right path." Matt continued, "We've had some setbacks in recent years. We've shared all of those on the upcoming season and before. Our real life is always a little bit ahead of when things are released. But we're definitely working." 

As he continued to tell the publication, he and Zach talk "every day." They've even been planning Matt's father's memorial, which he noted that the whole family has been a part of. The reality star added, "It's not easy, but it's going in the right direction. We don't have big expectations." Even though Matt is positive that he and Zach will be on good terms again, his son doesn't have the same point of view about their relationship. 

"It's still pretty tough, yeah, it's a tough situation," Zach said. "I think a lot has happened. It's gonna take a long time. I don't think responsibility has been taken, but, again, we're just raising our family." Little People, Big World fans know that Zach and his wife, Tori Roloff, moved away from the farm after negotiations for him to purchase Roloff Farms from his father fell through. While they're not living near the family at the moment, Tori did explain that putting space between everyone has given them a "good opportunity though for all of us to kind of step back and just remember that we're family and that's all that truly matters." Still, Zach wishes that the Roloff family was back in a good place once again. 

"It's just unfortunate the way things went down, but I think a lot of the siblings have kinda had enough of it and separated, which is totally sad and it's unfortunate," Zach added. "In my opinion, we should be enjoying the time with the grandkids and enjoying this season of life as a family, lots of cousins, but we're all kind of separated. It is what it is, though." There may be tension within the Roloff family, but the drama surrounding the sale of the farm seems to have come to an end. Matt recently announced that instead of selling a part of the farm, he has decided to have the property be a short-term rental.