Kim Kardashian: What Baby Bar Failure Means for Legal Future

Kim Kardashian West's dreams of a legal career are in danger. During the Keeping Up With The [...]

Kim Kardashian West's dreams of a legal career are in danger. During the Keeping Up With The Kardashians finale on Thursday, Kardashian revealed that she failed the "baby bar" exam for a second time. The exam, formally known as the First-Year Law Students' Exam, is mandatory for all California law school students who are not attending classes at an accredited school. If a student fails the test a third time, they could lose credit for the classes they have already taken.

During the finale, Kardashian complained to one of her lawyers on the phone that she failed her second attempt to pass the baby bar. "This is really annoying," she said, adding that her score was "pretty much the same thing... [but] a little bit worse" than her first attempt. Kardashian, 40, previously said she scored only a 475 on her first attempt, but did not reveal her exact score for her second try, notes Page Six. Students have to get a 560 score, or 70%, to pass the seven-hour exam, notes JD Advising.

The last episodes of KUWTK followed Kardashian's journey to becoming a lawyer in California. Since she was learning under a private tutor, she had to take the baby bar exam. California is the only state with this requirement, notes FindLaw. It was instituted because of the growing number of law schools without accreditation from the American Bar Association or California's Committee of Bar Examiners. Anyone attending law schools accredited by those organizations do not need to take it before sitting for the bar.

"Passing the baby bar is important since the state of California won't credit study that fails to comply with the requirement," notes FindLaw. "Students must pass the baby bar within three administrations of the test after they first become eligible upon their completion of the first year of law school. Failing to do so can result in loss of the credits for legal study accrued prior to the baby bar."

"I feel bummed. Like totally bummed, but it is what it is," Kardashian said in Thursday's episode. "I know I just have to not stress about it. There are so many other f–king stressful things going on. I just have to do better in the future."

In another scene, she told sister Khloe Kardashian the news, thanking her for the support even though she "didn't come through." Khloe sought to help her older sister feel better after reminding her that she took the test during a stressful time in her life. Kardashian took the test after battling COVID-19, planning for the end of KUWTK, and going through her divorce from Kanye West. Kardashian said she plans to take the exam again in July.

Although Thursday's episode was the KUWTK finale, the family will again appear on E! Network for "The Final Curtain" two-part special, which airs on June 17 and June 20. The Kardashian-Jenner family also signed a deal to develop projects for Disney's Hulu in the U.S. and Star in foreign markets.