Christina Hall Clears up 'Confusion and False Info' About Photos of Her Son

Christina Hall is clearing up "confusion and false info" about the social media situation surrounding her 3-year-old son Hudson and legal battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead. The Christina in the Country star took to Instagram following her Thanksgiving celebrations to share new family photos with her husband, Josh Hall, and her three kids. 

Followers were quick to notice that while the faces of her two kids with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, 12-year-old daughter Taylor and 7-year-old Brayden, were unobscured, that of her youngest son was covered by an emoji. As questions began to pile up in the comments, Christina clarified in her Instagram Story that Hudson won't be shown on social media anytime soon.

"This will be the last time I talk about this...Since there is so much confusion and false info about Hudson's photos," she wrote on Nov. 28. "People on here telling me, 'She was never told she couldn't post'...ummm correct...I never said that!" She continued, "I was NOT told I could no longer post Hudson...I was NOT told anything by a judge because I was never in front of a judge. I CHOSE and choose to not post Hudson because I was exhausted over Instagram being used as a tool against me. This has nothing to do with ads, people need to wrap their heads around the fact that none of this actually has to do with advertisements."

While Hudson can still be seen in past photos on Christina's profile, the HGTV star said she's tired of having social media used against her by her ex. "This is about CONTROL," she wrote. "There are many things that I was no longer ok with. Instagram was being used as a tool against me to judge the kind of mom I was and I was sick of it. Every photo I posted of Hudson on my story or main page was being screen shot and picked apart. So that is why I am choosing not to post Hudson. Now the 'know it alls' can go back to his page please. Thank you."

In September, Anstead claimed in court documents that his ex-wife "has already exploited Hudson in numerous paid promotions on social media." He continued, "It is my goal to ensure that Hudson is allowed a childhood that is joyful, healthy and natural, with as few stresses as possible, This should be prioritized above creating commercial opportunity and content." Christina defended herself in a subsequent filing on Sept. 27. "The allegation that I am 'exploiting' our son is truly offensive and simply untrue," she said in court documents. "I have never exploited our son Hudson."