'Celebrity Big Brother': Why Chris Kattan Quit

The celebrities came out to play on the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother, which came to an end in late February. But, the competition became too much for one contestant. In the middle of the season, Chris Kattan made the decision to leave the game. Following the move, the comedian spoke to Us Weekly and explained why he left Celebrity Big Brother

Kattan said that while he had "a lot of fun" on the show, the experience was still "hard" for him. He explained that the Celebrity Big Brother house and being cut off from everyday life simply became too much for him. "At some point, it just became hard not to talk to family. And for me, it became hard to be disconnected to the outside world," he shared. "I don't think I was so ready [or] realized what that felt like when you have cameras on you 24/7, except for when you're going to use the bidet. That's really it. I didn't realize how much I missed my family and friends and my loved ones and girlfriend."

The comedian said that it was also difficult to come to terms with being watching 24/7. On top of it all, "there were family issues going on" at home. Kattan told the publication that his stepfather is sick and that he couldn't help but worry about something bad happening while he was unable to communicate with his family. 

"God forbid something happened while I was gone, even though it's just for four weeks. God forbid, something could have happened, and I would just be kicking myself if something did happen, you know?" he added. "And, if something happened and they weren't able to tell me, that would be terrible. So that was really the main reason why I needed to leave." Despite having difficulty in the house, Kattan did say that he is "feeling great" and "doing great" now.


Viewers saw Kattan's departure in mid-February. The episode featured the comedian going to the Diary Room to tell production that the environment wasn't right for him. The show subsequently told the other houseguests that he decided to leave the competition. Before he officially left, Kattan did record a video message for his fellow houseguests, telling them, "I think a lot of you know that this experience has been a difficult thing for me to do, and I know my departure seemed abrupt. But, I want you to know that each one of you has impacted my life so much."