'Big Brother': Tyler Crispen Reveals Why He and Angela Rummans Broke Up

Big Brother star Tyler Crispen opened up about the end of his relationship with Angela Rummans in a Feb. 2 YouTube video. Crispen, 27, and Rummans, 30, were one of the most popular showmance couples in the franchise's long history. They got engaged in January 2021, but they broke up last summer after four years together.

In a 17-minute video titled "What Now," Crispen said his relationship with Rummans changed him in a way he wasn't expecting. "For me, I've always been a lone wolf," Crispen said, via CinemaBlend. "I've always valued being able to take care of myself, and I kind of got away from that for a while. I wasn't trusting myself. I wasn't confident in myself."

The changes he saw in himself "ended up being a nail in a coffin" for their "amazing" relationship. "It was great," Crispen continued. "I wasn't able to be myself, and at the end of the day, if you're not able to be yourself and thrive, then nothing around you is going to be able to thrive either."

Crispen has no ill will towards Rummans, but he went through a "dark time" after their split. "It was a terrible time. I'm glad it's over," Crispen said. "I'm glad that time is over, but I'm very thankful that it happened because I wouldn't be where I am today."

Rummans and Crispen met on Big Brother Season 20 back in 2018. They got engaged in January 2021 but didn't share the news until almost a month later. In December 2022, sources told Us Weekly the two broke up "a while ago." A few weeks later, Rummans confirmed their split in her own YouTube video. She said the two hit a rough patch months after their engagement. In 2022, she agreed to go on The Challenge: USA, and they thought some time apart would help their relationship. That did not help and they sought couples therapy.

Ultimately, they agreed to split in August 2022. Rummans took a trip to Bali, where she bought a home and got a two-year residency. Crispen stayed in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where they bought a home together. Rummans also explained the delay in confirming their breakup. She was prepared to share the news in December, but then Us Weekly broke the news first. Rummans felt "silenced," so she postponed sharing the news with fans.