'Big Brother': Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen Caught Saying 'I Love You'

The Big Brother season 20 showmance between Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans is getting more and more serious as the couple was caught saying those three words on the live feeds.

The cast members were caught having an intimate discussion with one another Thursday as they talked about sharing a "secret."

"I'm in love with you," Rummans told her castmate and fellow Live 6 alliance member, as first reported by Us Weekly.

"I can't believe we have the same secret," Crispen responded as the pair talked quietly.

She added feeling self-conscious: "I can't believe that just came out of my mouth."

The model and the lifeguard have been exhibiting flirtatious behavior for a few weeks, though they have kept their romance a secret from the other houseguests, and hesitated to make things official with one anther so as to not affect their game play.

The CBS competition show first addressed the blossoming relationship during August 30's episode, when Crispen admitted in a confessional that he was beginning to develop feelings for Rummans, though he refused to do anything about them so he can continue to lead in the game.

"She's still cute though," Crispen said during the episode.

His hesitation did not last long, however, as one week later the couple was caught sharing the same bed in the Head of Household room, cuddling, and even kissing.

During the episode, Crispen said that the two houseguests were getting more intimate, bonding about their continued domination of the game's competitions.

"Everyone wants to know if there's a showmance, might as well give the people what they want right?" Crispen said, as the show moved to a night view look of the pair kissing in bed at the Head of Household room.

As reported by Us Weekly, evicted houseguest Kaitlyn Herman recently commented on Rummans and Crispen's pairing, saying she didn't expect it.

"I don't know, like, it's interesting. It makes sense. They're both, like, Hilton Head natives, I guess," Herman said on Rob Cesternino's Rob Has a Podcast on August 22. "And they are pretty and they work out, I mean, sure, like it's fine. I didn't see that when I was in the house, so this obviously developed recently, since I've left. I can't really give my honest opinion about it because I'm not around them."


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