'Big Brother': Angela Rummans Breaks Silence on Tyler Crispen Breakup

Big Brother 20 lovebirds Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen have gone their separate ways. In early December, it was reported that the reality stars broke up and called off their engagement. They've remained mum on the topic until now, as Rummans released a video to explain exactly what's been going on. 

On Jan. 22, Rummans posted a video in which she finally opened up about the end of her relationship with Crispen. She said that she's been aware of the breakup speculation and wanted to address the topic herself. As she explained, they hit a rough patch in mid-2021, months after they got engaged. In 2022, she got the opportunity to go on The Challenge: USA. Rummans said that joined the show in the hope that their relationship would be on a better path after spending some time apart. However, when that didn't happen, they decided to seek out couples therapy when she returned from the CBS series. 

After trying to get to the root of their issues, they ultimately decided to go their separate ways in August 2022. At that point, Rummans flew to Bali, where she is currently staying. In her YouTube video, she even noted that she'll be in Bali for some time, as she secured a two-year residency and bought property there. As for Crispen, he's in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where the couple previously purchased a home together. 

Rummans also addressed how Us Weekly reported on their breakup in December. She explained that she was preparing to go public with the split update when the news broke, which left her feeling "silenced." So, she decided to postpone the update amid the article's fallout.

Rummans and Crispen may have broken up, but they're still on good terms with one another. As The Challenge: USA finalist explained, they'll continue to work on their jewelry business, Naut & Chain, together. Additionally, she mentioned that Crispen still has a relationship with her family members, who live in Hilton Head. Crispen sent Rummans some love in the comments section of the YouTube video, writing, "You did such a great job with this. Love always <3." Rummans and Crispen originally met on Season 20 of Big Brother, which aired in 2018. They began a relationship while in the house and proceeded to get engaged in January 2021.