Britney Spears' Father Allegedly Claimed She Was Battling Dementia in Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, reportedly made claims that his pop star daughter was battling dementia on forms related to her conservatorship. The allegation comes from The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and A Conservatorship premiering Wednesday, May 5 on BBC2.

The claims have enraged the already livid fanbase for Spears, adding to the tension building ahead of her appearance in court to speak about her conservatorship for the first time.

The documentary, put together by journalist Mobeen Azhar, shows documents that allude to "dementia" being a leading reason Spears has been living under the constraints of the conservatorship for over a decade.

"There are a couple of fan sites who said they have got hold of paperwork surrounding the conservatorship," Azhar told The Mirror (via Daily Mail). "You have to tick a box justifying the reason and the box that is ticked, it says: 'The order is related to dementia placement or treatment as specified."

While Spears can have the disease, The Daily Mail points out that people under 65 years old makeup only 5 percent of those battling the disease. It will be interesting to see how the documentary revelations play into the singer's upcoming court appearance in June. Jamie Spears is currently dealing with health issues and has stepped back from the financial aspect of the conservatorship, leaving his daughter's manager in place. This is a role she reportedly wants to move from temporary to permanent.

The reports about the dementia reasoning come as Spears prepares for her public comments on the legal situation. On Friday, Spears posted a black and white photo of a young girl giving the camera the middle finger. Many took it as a reference to what is going on for the singer and what she will do in front of a judge.

"Hi my name is Britney Spears … nice to meet you," Spears wrote in the caption. "One of my strongest gifts is that I'm pretty straight forward." She included several middle finger emoji, laughing while crying and a speak-no-evil monkey to the end of the quote.


Will there be more bombshells from the documentary and the impending court appearance. It's hard to think this is it, so keep an eye on the reports in the coming weeks.