Keith Urban Teases Collaborations on Upcoming Album

Keith Urban's new album, The Speed of Now Part 1, will arrive on Sept, 18, and the singer is gettng fans excited for the release with a few new clues about his upcoming music. On Wednesday, Urban revealed the album cover and tracklisting for his new album save for a few small details, leaving out the names of three collaborators on the upcoming project.

The album appears to feature two collaborations, which happen to be the first two songs on the project. Two unnamed guests will join Urban on the first song, "Out the Cage," while one guest appears on the following track, "One Too Many." The name of the guest on "One Too Many" appears to be a very short one, which lends the impression that the artist goes by one name only, but the two guests on "Out the Cage" look like at least one might have room for a last name judging on the album's font size. This week, fans began speculating that Urban might have something in the works with Luke Combs after Urban shared a quick cover of Combs' "Even Though I'm Leaving" on Instagram, asking the singer in his caption how much he missed touring.

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"Holy s— that sounds great buddy and I miss it A. LOT," Combs replied, leading fans to ask the pair to tour together. While that's a seemingly unlikely possibility considering Combs has now reached headliner status himself, his full name is short enough that it could appear in the second spot on "Out the Cage." The cover for The Speed of Now Part 1 is done in shades of blue, red and yellow and shows Urban with his eyes closed, his figure softly blurred as if he's speeding out of the frame.

Urban has already released multiple songs from the album this year including "God Whispered Your Name," "Polaroid" and "Superman." The project also contains Urban's 2019 release "We Were," which was written by Eric Church, and a version with Church is also featured on the album. See the full tracklisting for The Speed of Now Part 1 below.

1. "Out the Cage"
2. "One Too Many"
3. "Live With"
4. "Superman"
5. "Change Your Mind"
6. "Forever"
7. "Say Something"
8. "Soul Food"
9. "Ain't it Like a Woman"
10. "With You"
11. "Tumbleweed"
12. "God Whispered Your Name"
13. "Polaroid"
14. "Better Than I Am"
15. "We Were"
16. "We Were (Ft. Eric Church)"