Suzanne Somers Left Startled After Home Invasion Interrupts Facebook Live Video

Suzanne Somers and her fans were shocked on Friday when her Facebook Live broadcast was [...]

Suzanne Somers and her fans were shocked on Friday when her Facebook Live broadcast was interrupted by a home invader. Somers was doing a make-up tutorial for her followers when a man seemed to wander into her home in Palm Springs, California. Thankfully, she told Good Morning America that the intruder was "very cooperative."

Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel were both at home when a shirtless man came traipsing into their home on Friday. Somers told GMA: "We jumped right into crisis mode, and crisis mode for me is, I stay calm. I can handle everything." Thankfully, it turned out that the man meant no harm. From the looks of it, he was as confused as they were, and when they asked him to leave, he agreed with no complaints.

Followers watched the strange encounter in real-time. Somers and Hamel asked the man what he wanted, and he did not seem to realize that he had even entered a stranger's house. He told them that a friend had dropped him off at this property, and said that he was "terrified." When Somers asked him why he said: "I'm not even sure. There were goats following me."

"You seem like a nice person," Somers said, "but I'm not used to having people on my property." Somers also told the intruder that she was in the middle of a "show," and gave a shocked expression to the camera. When the broadcast was over and the dust had settled, Somers posted a status update thanking her viewers for bearing with her.

"All clear and safe!" she posted on Facebook. "Thanks for your concern. Have a great weekend."
Somers said that the police later arrived to reprimand the intruder, but did not elaborate on any consequences he might face. Reporters from E! News reached out to the Palm Springs Police Department, but the Watch Commander's Office said that they had no information on this incident.

Somers is an avid user of Facebook Live, using the broadcasts to communicate directly with her fans. With decades of experience on TV and other forms of media, Somers draws a wide, eclectic range of fans to her digital events.

Somers' broadcasts often focus on health and wellness, including tutorials for cooking nutritious food, using high-quality cosmetics or other health practices. She has a long-standing reputation as a celebrity health and fitness guru, although some of her recommendations have been questioned by medical professionals. Her endorsements of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), in particular, have raised eyebrows. Somers continues to swear by the treatment on social media, in her writing and in interviews.