Suzanne Somers Claims She Has Sex 'Twice A Day' With 83-Year-Old Husband Alan Hamel

Suzanne Somers is once again sharing her private life from the bedroom with the general public. [...]

Suzanne Somers is once again sharing her private life from the bedroom with the general public. The 73-year-old Three's Company star is opening up as part of her latest book titled A New Way to Age. According to the former sitcom star, she and 83-year-old husband Alan Hamel "engage in intercourse" at least twice a day on average according to The Daily Mail.

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"The reason I talk about sex is because at 73 everybody thinks it's over, and I just want women and men to know it ain't over," Sommers told DailyMailTV. "Because I've put all of my hormones back, which I explain in this book, to optimal levels, my body's operating like a young woman in that sense."

Somers and Hamel have been married for 43 years and lived together even more after their first meeting during work on The Anniversary Game in 1969. The couple married in 1977 around the time Somers began acting on Three's Company.

The actress had a major change in life after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, sparking her push toward making the later years matter in the face of old age.

"I'm just trying to explain what I know now at 73. Right now we've got a longer life but no quality and what I write about is let's live the long life but have quality," Sommers told the outlet.

Her cancer diagnosis also sparked her interest in topics like hormone replacement therapy, toxins in the body and alternative cancer treatments. Sommers shocked many when she refused chemotherapy at the time, opting for a lumpectomy and radiation according to The Daily Mail.

In November, Sommers referred to the hormone therapy as her and Hamel's "weekly sex shots" and first started to claim the couple had sex twice a day.

"I thought, 'Wow, what a great thing.' Because men have had Viagra, but this is actually a shot for both men and women that's not a drug," she told The Daily Mail in November. "It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, 'Hey, I'm kind of in the mood.' And, so, isn't that a wonderful thing? And it's not a drug, so I love it."

Sommers had first hinted at her deep romance and continued intimate experience with Hamel with her 2017 book Two's Company: A Fifty-Year Romance with Lessons Learned in Love, Life & Business.

"We have sex every day, sometimes more. I love it. Every couple is different. This is just what works for us. Alan has the blood pressure of an athlete, and he claims that sex is his daily cardio workout and says that's a hell of a lot more fun than a treadmill," Sommers said.