Nick Jonas Reveals More Details From On-Set Accident That Lead to Hospitalization

Nick Jonas is revealing how one of his brothers contributed to the fall that caused him to crack a rib. The Voice coach appeared alongside his brothers and Jonas Brothers bandmates Joe and Kevin Jonas on Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, revealing that his oldest brother may have added a little insult to injury on accident.

"We were shooting this thing and we had a bit of a tumble on a bike and I landed pretty hard," Nick explained of his "brutal" on-set accident. Joe chimed in, "Kevin also ran into you as well," which Nick acknowledged, looking over at the brother in question. "I may have also helped in the injury," Kevin admitted, joking that they "haven't seen the footage yet." He added, "We're not so sure if Joe just didn't kick us on the side just to make sure."

Kevin may have contributed to Nick's injury, but he was also the one trusted to talk to Nick's wife, Priyanka Chopra, when informing her of what was going on. "It was a test of a lot of things. Trust, I think, is the biggest thing," Nick said explained. "Basically I was there and the medics were attending to me. I was about to put on the gurney to get in the ambulance. Obviously, I had to call Priyanka, my wife, to say, 'This has happened,' but I wasn't really in a spot where I could talk to her because they were doing all the things they were doing. So it was a choice between Joe and Kevin."

Kevin said it was "kind of telling" that his little brother chose him, but explained he thought it was because he was "really calm and collected," being a father to daughters Alena, 7, and Valentina, 4, with his wife, Danielle, and seeing children fall "all the time." Nick quipped, "I love how he's equated my rib breaking and the whole thing to kids falling."


"Well, they fall on their bikes. It's a big deal in the moment, but it's like, if you get freaked out, then they get more freaked out, so I try to stay extremely calm," Kevin explained, to which Nick joked he has the "same emotional maturity" as his niece. When it comes to how he's feeling now, Nick revealed he's "surprised at how good" he feels. "I'm feeling amazing," he told Corden. "Right after it happened I had to be OK because I was doing The Voice and a couple other things. It just somehow healed up pretty fast."