Nick Jonas Gives Health Update Following Hospitalization, Accident on Set

Nick Jonas is recovering well after suffering an injury in a bike accident that left him hospitalized with a cracked rib. The Voice coach opened up to Entertainment Tonight alongside fellow coach Kelly Clarkson on the first night of the Season 20 finale, revealing that the treatment he's been undergoing has definitely been working.

"I feel amazing now," Jonas shared. "I don't know what happened but after a week of some recovery and, you know just some laser treatment on the spot, I feel really good." Clarkson chimed in, "You're young," to which the 28-year-old coach replied, "Yeah, I mean that might be a factor." The Jonas Brothers artist sustained the on-set injury earlier this month while shooting scenes for Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers, an hour-long special set to air on July 21, he previously told ET.

Preparing for a biking race with brothers Joe and Kevin, Jonas said the whole thing was "pretty intense," even though the brothers looked at each other ahead of time and agreed to "take it easy" and "not overdo it." Although the singer was "being responsible" and "wasn't being overly competitive," he said, "just, something happened."

"It was one of those things where the steering wheel or whatever, the handlebars, just kind of got out from under me, and I just tumbled, man," the musician continued. "And when I hit the ground, I actually felt like, 'Oh, no, I'm going to hurt one of my brothers,' because we're all this close, racing. But then when I got up, I was like, 'Nope, nope. It's me.'"

Despite being taken to the hospital via ambulance, Jonas still appeared on The Voice two days later and even hosted the 2021 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Clarkson theorized Monday, "You know what though, I think there might be something with the Billboard Awards and being hurt. Because I hosted a few times and two of those times... I had to be, like, rushed to a hospital one time and the next time something else happened, something else always happened. I think I blame the Billboard Awards at this point!"


In May 2019, Clarkson was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery just one day after hosting the Billboard Music Awards when her appendix burst following a painful bout of appendicitis. "The curse of hosting the Billboard Awards is that there's always an injury involved," Jonas agreed with his fellow coach.