Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Rep Breaks Silence on Reports Baby Lilibet Won't Be Christened in UK

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had their fair share of conflicts with the Royal Family since stepping back at the beginning of 2020, and the latest rumor is about whether or not their daughter, Lilibet, will be christened in the UK. The Daily Mail claimed on Wednesday that Harry and Meghan "will NOT bring Lilibet to be Christened in the Church of England and are likely to opt for an Episcopal ceremony in California instead," according to a royal source. 

However, a source from the Sussexes said that no firm decision regarding Lilibet's christening had been made. Despite speculation that It would be "highly unlikely" that they would return to have Lilibet christened into the Church of England, a Sussex spokeswoman said, "the plans for the christening were still being finalized and that claims to the contrary were mere speculation."

Earlier this month, rumors were circling that Prince William had stopped Harry and Markle from crossing the pond to hold Lilibet's christening ceremony at St. George's Chapel at Windsor. The couple still hasn't shown off their new child to the world yet, breaking from the royal tradition by waiting so long.

NBC royals correspondent Neil Sean told the Express the couple was hoping to host the religious ritual among family in the hopes that they could mend some of their broken relationships. Though, it doesn't look like they'll be doing that anytime soon.  "Both Harry and Meghan were very keen to make that return and make sure that christening happened, particularly in front of Her Majesty The Queen," Sean said, according to Express. "But that came to a grinding halt."

He added: "[M]oving forward, there was one person who basically decided there wasn't an appetite for this and the person that seemingly is, so far, not willing to kiss and make up with his younger brother...According to a very good source, Prince William was the one who basically said 'no, we don't think this is going to work,' it wasn't a particularly good idea."


Despite the brothers being photographed together on various occasions, posing at their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral as well as the unveiling of their mother's statue, the two likely won't be spending any quality family time together for the time being. "It's perhaps unlikely that they're going to be spending what we would think of as quality time together at Christmas and New Years and birthdays," royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Us Weekly. "Just remember that the queen hasn't met her latest grandaughter. It doesn't seem likely that she's going to anytime soon. She's barely seen Archie for quite a while," he continued. "On a human family level, forgetting them being the royal family, there's already quite some frostiness and distance there. So I suspect if things can go well, [then] maybe they'll have the occasional meeting, but I don't think it seems very high on anyone's agenda."