Prince Charles Might Be Plotting Major Snub Towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

In the latest update to the royal family drama, Prince Charles is reportedly planning to snub Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after he ascends to the throne. It's been previously reported that Charles, who's been staying in Clarence House since the Queen Mother died in 2002, was going to give the home to his son Harry and his wife Meghan after he moves into Buckingham Palace. However, sources say Prince Harry is no longer in the running to inherit the home due to the current estranged relationship between Harry and the rest of the royal family since he's relinquished his royal duties. 

According to the Daily Mail, the home is "now more likely to be saved for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis" –– but allegedly, the home's "outdated decor is a turn-off for younger royals." So, whoever will move into the home will likely move in after it goes through special renovations. A source tells the outlet, "No one is terribly fond of Clarence House because it's still seen very much as the Queen Mother's place.

Insiders tell the outlet that sizing down the Monarchy's properties is one of the first items on Prince Charles' docket after becoming king. The alleged plan is to turn Balmoral Castle into a museum, move his eldest son, Prince William, and his wife Kate Middleton into Windsor Castle, and then finally, to give the public more access to Buckingham Palace.   


"The central point is: when the Queen is no longer here, how do you effectively spread two generations of the family across quite a large number of properties?" the source asked, explaining the reason behind Prince Charles' process. "The Prince of Wales strongly believes that these places have got to deliver something for the public beyond just being somewhere for members of the Royal Family to live. Everything is seen through the lens of the question: 'What value is this offering to the public?'" They continued: "Everybody recognizes it makes no sense to run so many residences but if you give them up entirely you will never get them back when Prince George and the younger Royals grow up and need somewhere to live."