Blac Chyna Takes Further Legal Action After Losing Kardashians Trial

Blac Chyna is not going down without a fight. After losing her lawsuit against the Kardashian-Jenner family last week, the former reality star filed new legal documents accusing Judge Gregory W. Alarcon of being "extremely biased" against her. The Kardashian-Jenner legal team called Chyna's latest move a "baseless effort" and an attempt to blame Alarcon for her court loss.

In the new legal documents TMZ obtained Tuesday, Chyna accused Alarcon of being "undeniably hostile and extremely biased" against her and her attorney. She believes Alarcon's instructions to the jury were biased against her, leading the jury to rule in the Kardashians' favor. During the trial, Alarcon forced Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni to leave the courtroom for disparaging Kris Jenner and her children. Toni appeared to threaten the judge, but Toni claimed her threats were directed at Jenner.

Chyna isn't the only one who believes Alarcon might have been biased against Chyna. Walter Mosely, the executive producer of Rob & Chyna, told It's Tricky podcast host Raquel Harper the Kardashians had an incredible advantage over Chyna because they could afford to hire an all-star legal team. He also believed the judge "clearly favored" the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The Kardashian family attorney later dismissed Chyna's allegations against the judge. They called the filing a "baseless effort to save face after losing at trial," adding that Chyna's team is making a "frivolous, dishonest" attempt to "scapegoat" Alarcon. They even believe the allegations are "deserving of sanctions" and pointed out that Chyna's team had no issues with Alacron until "after the jury found against" Chyna.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, shares a daughter with Jenner's son, Rob Kardashian. Their relationship was at the center of E! Network's Keeping Up with the Kardashians spinoff Rob & Chyna. The couple split for good in July 2017, after Rob posted explicit photos of Kardashian on social media. In October 2017, Chyna sued the Kardashian family for $100 million, accusing them of getting Rob & Chyna canceled and sabotaging her career. The trial finally began last month and ended with the jury siding with the Kardashians. Chyna, who also has a son with rapper Tyga, received no damages.


During the trial, Rob testified that his relationship with Chyna "wasn't real love" and said they were in a "toxic relationship." He also accused Chyna of pointing an unloaded gun at him during an argument in 2016. Chyna testified that the gun threat was made in jest. Towards the end of the trial, Chyna asked to re-do her testimony, but Alarcon denied her request.