Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Give Each Other Matching Tattoos

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have taken their relationship to yet another extreme by giving each other matching tattoos. The couple revealed their new ink in a photoshoot for GQ British Style, which was published on Monday, Oct. 11 along with a new interview. Both tattoos read: "the darkest fairytale," which Fox explained is a reference to their early courtship.

Fox told their interview that "the darkest fairytale" "alludes back to one of the first text messages we ever sent each other." Fox apparently has the phrase scrawled on her inner forearm while Kelly has it on his lower hip, since his arms are already crowded with too many tattoos to keep track of. They gave each other the new marks while GQ's Molly Lambert watched, and even helped out by holding a phone overhead to cast more light. The profile examines the intense new celebrity romance that has fans obsessed.

"F—ing best tattoo I've ever seen in my life," Kelly reportedly exclaimed when he saw the finished product. "It looks like a fairy ghost did it, right? It's all haunted." Kelly has handled a tattoo gun before, while Fox has not. "I'm just scared that I f—ed it up!" she reportedly said. Kelly, on the other hand, looked confidently at the tattoo he gave Fox and said: "God, that's sick."

While they allowed a journalist to witness this momentous occasion and document it, Kelly and Fox did not give more details on the symbolism of the tattoos. The couple has already gotten another pair of tattoos to mark their romance — Kelly has Fox's initials printed somewhere on his body, while Fox has a tattoo reading: "el pistolero," which is Spanish for Kelly's nickname "the gunner."

The tattoos are just one embodiment of the fast-paced romance that has become a public obsession. The two took their relationship public in June of 2020, though it may have begun before that. They seemed to have some rapport already, with Fox appearing in the music video for Kelly's song "Bloody Valentine." On the other hand, they do not seem like the kind of couple to hold much back from fans.


Fox, 35 and Kelly, 31 even somewhat made it onto Saturday Night Live this weekend, where Kelly was played by his real-life friend Pete Davidson and Fox was played by Chloe Fineman. The sketch mocked their intense public displays of affection, but Kelly did not seem to mind. Judging by the latest photoshoot of the two together, the sketch may not even have been a great exaggeration.