Bam Margera Upset Over No Contact from Son or Estranged Wife Since Rehab Return

Bam Margera received media attention last month after reportedly fleeing his court-ordered rehab twice. Though he was located and retrieved both times, it was speculated the departures had some connection to a rift with his wife. Now, in light of that breakup, the Jackass alum has hired an attorney to handle custody matters.

Sources close to Margera told TMZ that his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd, has not returned his calls or reached out to him and only talked to Margera's team about son Phoenix Wolf's child support and custody. Margera has reportedly hired a family law attorney to negotiate a custody agreement with Boyd regarding his son's visitation with him, according to TMZ. Currently, the stunt performer is in Florida at a rehab facility while she has returned to California. 

In a petition to the court, Boyd requested full custody of the child and supervised visits from her husband. According to reports, Margera wants contact with his son to begin immediately, but her lawyer needs updates from the rehab facility before proceeding.

TMZ's sources claim Margera's recent disappearances from rehab were due to his inability to see his son and the belief that Boyd moved on from him. His wife maintains she has always supported Margera, moving from California to Florida to be closer to him, and believes she was wrongfully blamed for his disappearances.

Margera is currently distraught and no longer interested in trying to work things out with Boyd, TMZ's insiders reported. At the moment, he is only concerned about seeing his son, and he is afraid he will never be able to see him again.

Boyd's attorney David Glass told the outlet that waiting to hear from Margera's new treatment facility is standard practice. Glass said he is awaiting word from Margera's lawyer about scheduling a meeting with Phoenix.

Margera's legal troubles are just the latest in a string of problems over the last couple of years. The veteran Jackass star was removed from the Jackass Forever set over sobriety issues. The film's production proceeded without him, and he was almost entirely omitted from the final product. As a result of Margera's exclusion, a dispute and lawsuit ensued, with director Jeff Tremaine even filing a restraining order against him

Despite this, most Jackass stars have expressed sympathy. Steve-O, who battled addiction for years, said Margera's drug testing and sobriety requirements were done out of love and to save his lifeJohnny Knoxville and many other franchise members have repeatedly said they want Margera to get healthy.