Bam Margera Fired From 'Jackass 4' Amid Erratic Behavior

Bam Margera has reportedly been fired from the upcoming Jackass 4 film. Just two months after production on the film began, TMZ reports Margera was officially let go from the film last week due to his addiction issues. Citing sources close to television personality, the outlet claimed Margera was let go because he broke his contract by not getting his addiction issues in check.

Margera, a Jackass star since its MTV inception in 2000, has a history of substance abuse. During a 2016 episode of VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Margera opened up about his alcoholism, revealing that while he had his first drink at 21, he "really started drinking" around the age of 24 or 25. He said, "It just slowly became waking up and sipping on a drink as soon as I got up." In 2018, he was arrested for DUI and went to rehab. In late 2019, he checked himself into a southern California rehab facility following an appearance on Dr. Phil, during which he confessed, "It's worse than it's ever been, ever."

According to TMZ's sources, Margera's history of substance abuse had been a concern from the get-go, though they still wanted him to be part of the upcoming film. As a result, Margera was reportedly presented with a list of conditions and restrictions he needed to abide by in order to be part of the project. Those conditions included routine drug tests, including urine samples, and a commitment to stay sober. Margera was also reportedly required to commit to breathalyzer tests, take his medication, and see a psychologist while part of the film. The sources claimed that he ultimately failed to hold up his end of the deal, though it is unclear which condition he broke.

The news comes just days after Margera shared a concerning video blasting the film. In the 10-minute-long video, Margera called on fans to boycott Jackass 4, stating, "if anybody cares about me don't go see their movie." He instead asked fans to send him money so he could "blow them out of the water" with his competing project. In the clip, he also admitted to being fired from the production for being a "jackass." Throughout the minutes-long clip, Margera appeared agitated, and he admitted to "chugging a glass of wine and 7 beers."

A day later, Margera shared another video in which he said he realized he has "manic bipolar" disorder and would be visiting a bipolar specialist later in the week. He also reversed course on his stance on Jackass 4, stating, "it's going to be f–ing awesome, and it's going to be in a way where everyone wins in the end. So I love everybody."


According to TMZ's sources, those close to Margera remain concerned about his wellbeing, especially in the wake of his firing, as "the prospect of working on Jackass 4 seemed to be keeping him on the straight and narrow." Variety reports "there is currently an effort to get Margera help again."