'Young Sheldon' Co-Stars Reunite on the Picket Lines Amidst Hollywood Strikes

Iain Armitage and Wallace Shawn got together on the picket lines during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Young Sheldon co-stars Iain Armitage and Wallace Shawn have reunited for a good cause. The two, who portray Sheldon Cooper and Dr. John Sturgis, respectively, on the Big Bang Theory spinoff, took to the picket lines recently, joining their fellow actors and the writers as the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue. Armitage shared a photo of him and Shawn on Instagram, noting he "got some steps in this morning with my good friend Mr. Wally Shawn."

Complete with signs and shirts, the two really got their steps in. Armitage also posted a screenshot of his total steps while on the picket lines, and it was just over 14,300, which is quite a lot, but at least it's for something good. Because of the strikes, Young Sheldon won't be part of CBS' fall 2023 schedule, at least not new episodes, so some of the cast coming together during the strikes while the show is on hiatus is the next best thing.

Many stars have been taking to either the picket lines or social media or both amid the strikes in support of their fellow actors and the writers. Many have been opening up about the residuals they have or have not been receiving from studios and streamers, while others, such as Dwayne Johnson, have been donating money to a fund to help actors during this time. As the writers' strike goes to its 100th day, the actors' strike is closing in on a month, and there's no end in sight for either. 

With fall coming soon, networks have been needing to rework their fall schedules due to no show being in production, aside from a select few. Some shows have completed filming or at least most of their filming for the season before the actors' strike started, so there will still be some scripted originals airing in the fall. However, it will mostly be scripted, animated, acquired, or reruns filling the lineups, and it's hard to tell how much longer it will last since soon, networks will have to think about their midseason lineup.

More stars will continue picketing during the strikes for however long it takes. Actors were even taking to the picket lines before SAG-AFTRA went on strike to support their writers, including Mariska Hargitay, who gave an impassioned speech in New York. Hopefully, things will come to a conclusion soon because Hollywood is definitely at a complete standstill without the two most important aspects, writers and actors.