'Saturday Night Live' Satirizes Golden Globes' Preemptive Bleeps and Awkward Interviews

During a sketch satirizing E! News' coverage of the Golden Globes, Saturday Night Live parodied the network's attempt to focus on fashion and the "Time's Up" movement.

The sketch had Cecily Strong as host Rochelle Koontz and host Sam Rockwell as Dean Swizz. It kicked off with a jab at the Catt Sadler controversy, with Rochelle revealing that she is paid much less than Dean.

"That backfired," Dean said.

"Sure did," added Rochelle.

The two anchors were also wearing the "Time's Up" pin many stars wore to the Globes to show support for the initiative against sexual harassment.

Next, they introduced stylist Angelo Dolphintuna (Kenan Thompson) and activist Sylvia Nunez (Melissa Villaseñor), who works at a women's shelter. When asked what the shelter provides women, she is cut off by the hosts.

"Yes, someone should provide women," Dean said.

Next, the panelists tried to praise the stars without commenting on their looks. When Sylvia called Kate Hudson beautiful, Dean admonished her.

"This show is called The Look," Sylvia pointed out.

Sylvia also didn't understand why it was bad that Eva Longoria could have a baby boy. Later, they brought in Frances McDormand (Kate McKinnon).

"I saw this movie you were in called Three Billboards and it went straight over my head," Dean said. (Of course, Rockwell starred in the movie.)

When McDormand spoke, she was bleeped, a jab at her getting bleeped when she wasn't swearing during her acceptance speech. That bleeping could have come in handy earlier when Rockwell accidentally dropped the f-bomb on live TV.

The mid-season premiere of SNL kicked off with a bang, as Bill Murray made a surprise appearance as Steve Bannon in the cold open.


Photo credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC