'Killing Eve' Brought Back Several Characters in Series Finale Season 1 Callback

Killing Eve began the end of its four-season BBC America run Sunday night with the return of several characters. During the first half of the BBC America series' two-part Season 4 finale, which also serves as the Killing Eve series finale, the hit series took things back to the beginning with a special moment that brought back not one, but four beloved characters, including three who haven't been seen since Season 1. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 7, "Making Dead Things Look Nice."

With Hélène now dead and Eve's mission into The Twelve seemingly completed, the episode found her partner Yusuf encouraging her to "find a new ordinary." That "new ordinary" began with a little karaoke, but as Eve eagerly belted out the lyrics to Sia's "Chandelier," things began to blur, and fans were treated to a brief return of four characters – Eve's estranged husband Niko, last seen in Season 3 after being targeted by Dasha, Eve's former assistant at MI5, Elena Felton, and her former partner Bill Pargrave, who was killed by Villanelle in Season 1. Bill's wife, Keiko Pargrave, also appeared, the four characters cheering Eve on and laughing.

The scene seemed to be a callback to Killing Eve's series premiere back in 2018, which introduced Eve in the opening minutes as an MI5 agent. In the opening moments, just after fans were introduced to Villanelle, Eve laid in bed with Niko, complaining of a headache after a night out for Bill's birthday filled with karaoke. That night would prove to be Eve's final night of normalcy before her life was turned upside down by the presence of Villanelle, and while Eve in Season 4 came to distance herself from the assassin, she eventually found herself drawn back to her by the end of "Making Dead Things Look Nice."


Unsettled by her night of karaoke, Eve visited Martin, who told her, "All we can do in life is try to find some joy in the little things...the most important thing you can do right now is go to the people who love you, who understand you and your soul." Seemingly unable to take Yusuf's advice that "moving on, no matter how difficult, that is always a choice," Eve again found herself wrapped up in The Twelve when she received a cryptic text from Hélène's phone. After visiting Konstantin, who told her the image of a bird is a message of communication and likely a coded message revealing a meeting location, Eve found herself pushed back to Villanelle, in the final moments of the episode arriving on Gunn's island. Fans will have to wait to see how Villanelle and Eve's relationship ends, with the second half of Killing Eve's series finale now airing on BBC America.