'Killing Eve' Closes New Episode With Twist Ending for One Character

Not even "a rainbow in a world full of beige" can escape justice. Killing Eve returned to BBC America Sunday night for an all-new episode of Season 4, and it left one fan-favorite character in handcuffs in a twist ending that is sure to rile up fans. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 3, "A Rainbow In Beige Boots."

After killing the vicar and his daughter in "Don't Get Eaten," and amid Eve's growing disdain for her, Villanelle's actions finally caught up to her Sunday night, and the beloved assassin landed herself in jail. In the episode, Villanelle, now a wanted criminal following the two murders, made her way to psychiatrist Martin's home demanding therapy after Eve, once driven by her obsession for her, maintained her indifference and threw Villanelle out of her room.

(Photo: Anika Molnar/BBCA)

During her therapy session, Villanelle once again showed her not often seen vulnerable side, telling Martin that she feels "like s- all of the time" and she doesn't know why she feels like this. It turns out that despite having a lengthy list of murders under her belt, Villanelle is upset over the two murders she just committed, because she "tried really hard not to" commit the crimes. In fact, Villanelle is struggling with herself as a whole, telling Martin that she is "a rainbow in a world full of beige people like you," and while she typically knows what she wants and how to get it, she doesn't "even trust my own thoughts right now." These feelings, Martin says, "might be a good thing" and a sign that Villanelle is changing.

Unfortunately for Villanelle, despite her ongoing "metamorphosis," as Martin put it, Eve doesn't seem to see it the same way. While Villanelle was busy at her therapy session, Eve, who Villanelle dubbed "a rainbow in beige boots," was busy organizing a police raid after discovering that Villanelle killed the vicar and his daughter. As Villanelle confessed her desires for Eve to Martin, declaring that "in our bones we understand each other," the conversation was cut short by Eve arriving at the house. During an intimate conversation, Eve reminds Villanelle about the fable of the scorpion and the frog, casting doubt that Villanelle can truly change. Eve reminds her that "they both die. Because the scorpion can't change its nature," however, Villanelle suggests that maybe Eve is the scorpion. Before the conversation can go any further, Eve receives a text from Yusuf warning "incoming," and just moments later, Villanelle was handcuffed and whisked away by police. The final shot of her was Villanelle in a jail cell.

While it seems unlikely that Villanelle will remain behind bars for the remainder of the seasons, fans will ultimately have to wait until next week's episode to learn the fallout of her arrest and Eve's decision. New episodes of Killing Eve air on BBC America on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. AMC+ subscribers can watch new episodes one week in advance of linear viewers.