'The Conners': ABC Re-Airing Live Election Episode Tonight

Earlier this year, The Conners aired one of its most exciting episodes yet. Back in February, The Conners aired a live installment that provided commentary on the New Hampshire primary. Now, fans will get the chance to watch that episode again, as it is set to re-air on ABC on Wednesday.

The plot of the episode revolved around Mark (Ames McNamara) watching the results of the New Hampshire primary with his sister Harris (Emma Kenney) as a part of a school project. Mark expressed his indifference to politics, saying that they believed that money had corrupted the process. The rest of the Conner family felt differently, though, as they believe in the working-class mentality of voting for whichever candidate will "screw you the least." During the episode, the show even featured live coverage of New Hampshire's primary election results, which were steadily coming in as the series was airing on Feb. 11. The cast performed the episode twice, once for the east coast and then again for the western markets. You can catch the episode yourself when it airs on ABC on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

Shortly before the live episode aired, star Michael Fishman took fans behind-the-scenes and even shed some light on how the show would be covering live events in real-time. In a video posted on The Conners' official Twitter account, Fishman gave fans a look at the lighting fixtures, cameras, and the audience, which he noted would be full come showtime. "The crowd will be full tomorrow night, and we'll be going 100 [percent] live on your television. So, I hope you are with us tomorrow night, you don't want to miss a moment," Fishman explained, before detailing what viewers could expect in the special episode. "We got the script locked in. There's some very open segments, perfect for live. We're going to try to take some real-time news, place it in the show, and kind of show you a real-life experience of how a family deals with politics and exactly how people may disagree, may have differing opinions. But, it will all be live and real."

About a month before the episode aired, Fishman opened up about the episode during the TCA Winter Press Tour in January. At the time, he told reporters that he hoped that The Conners' live episode would inspire people to be more politically active. "In our country, voting is such a powerful thing and I don't know that we always spend the time to encourage people to vote," he told Fox News at ABC's press event. "So my hope is that what we do is we can show what real-life issues kind of revolve around some of the things that are going on in the debates and other things."