'The Conners' Live Episode: Star Michael Fishman Goes Behind the Scenes in Final Dress Rehearsal Video

The Conners is set to air its first live episode on Feb. 11. On the official Twitter account for the ABC show, Michael Fishman, who plays DJ Conner, gave fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the last rehearsal for the show before it airs its live, politically-charged episode.

In the video, Fishman explains that the cast and crew were busy working on their last rehearsal before the big event. He showcased the lighting fixtures, the cameras, and even a look at the audience, which he noted would be full when they go live.

"The crowd will be full tomorrow night and we'll be going 100 [percent] live on your television. So, I hope you are with us tomorrow night, you don't want to miss a moment," Fishman said in the video, before detailing what fans can expect in the special episode. "We got the script locked in. There's some very open segments, perfect for live. We're going to try to take some real-time news, place it in the show, and kind of show you a real-life experience of how a family deals with politics and exactly how people may disagree, may have differing opinions. But, it will all be live and real."

Back in January during the TCA Winter Press Tour, The Conners cast spoke out the upcoming live episode, which will feature the family reacting to the results of the New Hampshire primary election.

"In our country, voting is such a powerful thing and I don't know that we always spend the time to encourage people to vote," Fishman told Fox News at ABC's press event. "So my hope is that what we do is we can show what real-life issues kind of revolve around some of the things that are going on in the debates and other things."

As for Laurie Metcalf, she said during the event that her background in the theater world would, unfortunately, not help her during the live episode.


"My stage background will not help at all, because even though stage is live, I've rehearsed the hell out of it and I know what I'm doing," she said. "So in a live show, it's going to have some wiggle room either the improv or, you know, something's going to not stick to the script. That scares the s— out of me."

Fans can tune into The Conners' first live episode on Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.