'The Conners' Live Special Not Airing Live in Some Markets Due to Election Coverage

While The Conners aired its first live episode on Feb. 11, some fans, unfortunately, were not able to watch it. In an ironic turn of events, the live episode of The Conners, which features the family reacting to the results of the New Hampshire primary, has been pre-empted in certain markets because of election coverage. As some fans on Twitter have pointed out, the ABC series appears to have been pre-empted in many markets in New England.

Instead of airing the live episode of The Conners, markets in New Hampshire and the New England area have aired election coverage and results on ABC. Those results included a strong show of support for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg on the Democrat side.

Even though many precincts in New Hampshire have not reported results just yet, it has been reported that President Donald Trump has won the GOP primary in the state. The Republican field was not nearly as competitive as the Democratic one, but the president did face opposition from former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld.

For those who were able to watch The Conners' live outing, many fans were impressed with both the show's ability to cover breaking news and the cast's spotless performances.

"This is the best episode of The Conners' existence and I'm surprised how much of this live ep depends on a little kid. He's doing a great job," one fan wrote about the episode, praising the performance of Ames McNamara, who plays Mark Conner-Healy.

"Everyone is doing a great job so far! You wouldn't know this was live," another viewer wrote.

"Have to say @TheConnersABC surprisingly was really good and the live and incorporating the New Hampshire primary was smart," yet another viewer commented on Twitter. "Plus I felt this was the most entertaining episode I've seen in awhile."


Back in January, during the TCA Winter Press Tour, Michael Fishman, who plays DJ Conner, spoke about how he hoped that the episode will inspire people to become more politically active. On Feb. 11, as the episode was airing, Fishman once again expressed that message.

"Our hope is people will vote this election!" Fishman wrote on Twitter. "Hope @TheConnersABC makes you laugh but encourage people to get involved."