'Attack of the Show's Live Chocolate Stunt Goes Hilariously Wrong

Things got messy on 'AOTS!'

Anything can go wrong on live TV, and G4 TV's chaotic live program Attack of the Show! is a perfect example. The show regularly works in bits and stunts that involve messy props or physical actions, leaving plenty of room for error, with hilarious results. During the show's April 7 episode, the minds behind AOTS! devised a live sketch that involved loads of liquid chocolate, and it went wildly wrong in the best way.

During one of the show's "Around the Net" segments, co-hosts Kevin Pereira and Will Neff showed a clip involving a croissant filled with a large amount of chocolate. Afterward, Lube Chef (Case Blackwell), one of the show's recurring characters named for a previous edible lube stunt, interjected, saying a croissant needs even more chocolate. He cracked open a croissant that was sitting on top of a metal barrel, however, nothing really happened. A large "cascade" of liquid chocolate was supposed to pour out, via a pump, but something went wrong. A loud "pop" sound was soon heard off-screen, and a mix of panic and laughter erupted in the studio.

"It sounded like someone might have popped a champagne cork to celebrate," Pereira said before taking a look behind part of the AOTS set. He soon returned to the main podium and sarcastically said, "Everything's fine back there. None of the expensive electronics are coated in chocolate right now; everything is fine."

Neff, who was in hysterics over the blooper, then explained, "We had a pump for the chocolate, and that popping noise you heard was the chocolate exploding."

Lube Chef then did all he could to save the segment, going into some planned prop gags, including one where he opened a canister of wet wipes, only to discover it was filled with chocolate. The main flow of chocolate was slowly oozing out at this point. He then declared, "I must become the croissant, for the show," before kneeling down and starting to cover his face with chocolate. A second pop was then heard, causing even more hilarious reactions from Pereira, Neff and fellow co-hosts Gina Darling, Fiona Nova and Kassem G.

Neff soon declared Lube Chef a hero, to which the beloved character replied, "Honestly, this is the proudest moment of my entire life." A third pop was then heard as the show went to break, with Pereira instantly moving to make sure no one was hurt during the behind-the-scenes mishap.

The show replayed the moment during its own "Epic Fail" segment, with Pereira, who is also known for his work on Hack My Life, clarifying that the G4 team was all good. "It turns out, everybody is OK," he said. "That was not how the bit was planned. Magic of live TV, huh?"

The Attack of the Show! reboot has been off to a stellar start since premiering in the fall alongside a revamped version of Xplay. New episodes air live on Twitch and YouTube Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET. Edited versions are later shown on G4TV's linear cable channel, YouTube TV and G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel. The show also has two spin-offs, Vibe Check and The Loop, which can also be found on G4's platforms.