Vodka Recall Issued Over Concerns of Glass in Product

Those with a hankering for dill pickle-flavored vodka may want to think twice before taking a sip. On Aug. 2, Minhas Sask Ventures Inc. recalled Sask Prairie brand Dill Pickle Flavoured Vodka after pieces of glass were found inside at least one bottle. The recall, however, isn't widespread, and only affects consumers Canada.

Consumers were alerted to the recall in a notice posted by Health Canada. According to that notice, the recall only includes Sask Prairie brand Dill Pickle Flavoured Vodka. Saskliquor's website states the vodka is "6 times distilled vodka infused with the tangy flavor of dill pickles. Full-bodied with a surprisingly delicate finish. Perfect for Caesars and cocktails." The recalled product was produced by Minhas Sask Ventures and sold in Ontario in 750-ml bottles. Consumers can identify the recalled product through the UPC 0 62811 60018 3 and code 2022-078.

The pickle-flavored vodka was recalled due to the possible presence of glass pieces in the vodka, with CP24 reporting that "pieces of glass were found inside at least one bottle."The CFIA has labeled the recall as Class 3, which according to their website means there is a "low risk that consuming the food may result in any undesirable health problems. This class also includes food that do not pose a health risk, but that do not comply with legislation."

It is unclear if any incident reports have been logged in connection to the recalled vodka. Due to the health risk and injury hazard the vodka poses to consumers, consumers are advised against consuming the product. Health Canada noted that the product should not be used, sold, served, or distributed.

The recall marks just the latest to hit an adult beverage and follows Tree Browing Co's May recall of its Golden Larch grapefruit radler. Issued out of Canada, the recall affected Golden Larch Grapefruit Radler in the 473-milliliter size as well as the Season Pass 8-pack and was issued after it was determined the product found to contain undeclared sulfites. During that same month, Lidl GB voluntarily recalled Starovice Czech Lager 5.0% after it was determined the product contained sulfur dioxide. The FDA noted that about one in every 100 people are sensitive to sulfites, which are chemicals that are in some foods that can be a cause of asthma and allergy symptoms.