New Beer Recall Was Just Issued

Beer lovers in one area of the world should be careful before taking their next sip. On Feb. 17, Liquorland (Australia) Pty Ltd recalled Smithy's Dry Lager products in Australia due to the products containing more alcohol than what the packaging claimed, leading to concerns that consumption of the beer could lead to injury or illness.

According to a notice shared by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (the region's government agency that's comparable to the U.S. FDA or USDA), the recall affects three varieties of Smithy's Dry Lager products – Smithy's Dry Lager 330ml bottle, Smithy's Dry Lager 6 x 330ml pack, and Smithy's Dry Lager 6 x 330ml pack – which all have a Best Before date of 25 January 2024. No other products are affected by the recall. The recalled beer products sold at Liquorland, Liquorland Online, First Choice Liquor Market, First Choice Liquor Market Online and Coles Online in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

The company issued the recall after it was determined that the Smithy's Dry Lager products had under-declared alcohol levels, meaning the products contain excess alcohol, which could cause injury or illness if consumed. Consumption of large amounts of alcohol can also lead to alcohol poisoning, a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol poisoning can "affect your breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially lead to a coma and death."

"This is a full-strength product at 4.3 per cent ABV and 1.1 standard drinks per bottle," Coles Liquor Group said in a statement, per 9 News. "Any customers concerned about their health should seek medical advice."

Due to the risks the recalled Smithy's Dry Lager products pose, consumers have been advised not to drink the recalled products. Those with questions can contact Coles Customer Care at 1800 061 562.

This is far from the first time an alcoholic beverage has been recalled, with the recall even following a beer recall issued for Australian consumers in September. On Sept. 21, multiple Ballistic Beer Co. products were recalled due to secondary fermentation, meaning the beers contained "excess alcohol and carbonation may cause illness/injury if consumed." Just a few months later in November, recalls were issued for Moon Dog Fizzler Alcoholic Setlzer varieties and Bibo Runge Deserteur De-alcoholised Riesling Wine.