'Trailer Park Boys': New Episodes of Animated Series Coming to Netflix in May

There are more adventures in store for Trailer Park Boys, at least in the animated sense. Netflix [...]

There are more adventures in store for Trailer Park Boys, at least in the animated sense. Netflix announced on Monday that a brand new season of Trailer park Boys: The Animated Series would arrive on May 22.

The animated spinoff, which premiered on the streaming platform back in March of 2019, is based on a beloved Canadian cult mockumentary Trailer Park Boys, which follows a group of residents who live together in a trailer park in Nova Scotia. The series premiered back in 2001, with Season 12 concluding in May of 2018. It's also inspired a trio of feature films, including the most recent, Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It, which was released back in 2014.

While fans were plenty happy to have something to look forward to, there were more than a few wondering if the live-action incarnation would ever return. "I'll watch it to support you guys, but please bring back the [live] action show boys. I binge-watched all of the seasons hoping for a love action return," one user replied, adding "Don't let the fans down, boys." Another said the announcement came "just in time since I just finished rewatching the entire series and I'm running out of TPB YouTube content," while a third joked that "now I will not go insane why I'm in quarantine finally a new season."

The new season of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series comes as the streaming platform has seen record-high sign-ups, thanks partly to so much of the world being encouraged to self-isolate and slow the spread of coronavirus. It's even added a new feature that allows users to watch content from its library with others remotely to help make quarantine a little bit easier on everyone.

Original series like Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, along with big-budget productions like Extraction and layered crime dramas like Ozark have all been welcome to subscribers, the platform has quite a bit on the horizon for May. Along with a new season of its beloved dramedy Dead to Me, it will also feature Jerry Seinfeld's first original standup special in over two decades.

It will also be home to Uncut Gems, the film that saw Adam Sandler deliver a powerhouse performance as compulsive gambler Howie Ratner. Despite winning over both audiences and critics, the film was considered one of the most egregious snubs last year. Although it has allowed Adam Sandler to enact his revenge -- and on Netflix, no less.