'Ted Lasso' Receives Multiple Emmy Nominations for First Season

Ted Lasso just received a ton of love from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. On Tuesday, the nominations for the 2021 Emmy Awards were announced, and the Apple TV+ series earned multiple nods. Ted Lasso is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, and Jason Sudeikis, who plays the title character, is up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

As for the other nominations, Juno Temple (Keely Jones) and Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton) are nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. And four men have been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, including Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard), Nick Mohammed (Nate Shelley) and Jeremy Swift (Leslie Higgins).

In an interview with Collider last year, Sudeikis talked about launching the show with Hunt and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. "Prior to meeting Bill, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly and I, the guys that I did the commercial with who are writer/producers on the show," Sudeikis said. "Brendan being an actor on the show, he plays Coach Beard in the commercials and the TV program.... I had this idea that it could be more than just four minutes, and we tried to prove it to ourselves. We sat down one week and just tried to outline and flesh out an idea for a pilot script, a first script. And then that happened really quick. We were able to figure out that story."

Sudeikis also talked about Lasso's iconic mustache. "It feels essential to me," he said. "It really does. I mean, it certainly did in the commercial because the commercial look we were going for was Mike Ditka. And we got rid of the short shorts. There's little things that, for the purpose of the commercial, we ran right at it a little broader: He's a little bit more dim. It's edited at a more brisk pace. There's no pathos necessarily."


Ted Lasso tells the story of Lasso leaving his job as a college football coach in the United States to coach one of the top soccer teams in England, despite having no soccer experience. All 10 episodes of the first season can be seen on Apple TV+. Season 2 will start streaming on Friday, July 23, and the series has been picked up for a third season.