Netflix: 'Mr. Iglesias' Season 3 Premiere Date and Trailer Revealed

Netflix revealed on Tuesday the release date of Mr. Iglesias as it prepares to debut its third season. The streaming service will launch Season 3 of the series that stars Gabriel Iglesias on Dec. 8. As is the case for all of Netflix’s releases, the episodes will be made available at 3 a.m. ET or midnight on the west coast.

The multi-cam show follows the story of Iglesias, a high school teacher, who is doing all he can to get the best out of his students, many of whom fall under the misfit label. Oscar Nunez also stars as the assistant principal who rules with an iron fist and is always making life difficult for Iglesias and his students. Along with Iglesias and Nunez, Sherri Sheppard also stars in the series.

The show premiered on Netflix in June 2019 and saw its second season come out this past June. That means just six months will separate the second and third seasons, a quick turnaround that will leave Mr. Iglesias fans very excited. Ahead of the series’ premiere last year, Iglesias told Entertainment Weekly that he drew inspiration from a teacher of his growing up and implemented some of his personality into his own character. He told the outlet he was able to reconnect with June Garner, his former teacher, ahead of the premiere and was able to get her to come and attend.

As for Iglesias, this has proven to be his first crack at taking a leading role in a series. The former All That cast member has been involved in with many comedy specials but never starred in a scripted series before. He was in ABC’s Cristela for 13 episodes, and outside of that, didn’t have many other experiences on the scripted front. He told Entertainment Weekly he was surprised that he would be able to run a show all on his own, but in order to do so, he said he made sure to put together a cast that could lift him up. “At the end of the day, they make me look better,” he explained. “The cast is full of really talented actors that have been on so many great shows.”

The first two seasons of Mr. Iglesias are available to stream right now on Netflix.