'Lucifer': D.B. Woodside Shoots Down Major Rumor About Final Season

Lucifer star D.B. Woodside contradicted a report that the recently-announced season of the series would be eight episodes long. The story started with TV Line, who heard from a production source that eight would be the magic number. After Woodside's tweet, the article has changed to say there will be 10 more episodes.

"Ummmm... I don't think that's correct," Woodside wrote when he saw the story on Twitter, tagging TV Line. He added a straight-faced emoji and a GIF of Will Smith looking skeptical. Woodside did not offer any further details, but fans hope that he was hinting Lucifer Season 6 will be longer than eight episodes. Otherwise, this would be the show's shortest season yet.

It is not clear if Woodside's tweet was what tipped TV Line off that their article was incorrect, but it was soon amended to say that Lucifer Season 6 will have 10 episodes in total. The article still cites the original sources, indicating that it might have been an error. A Netflix representative declined to comment to TV Line on the story.

Woodside's tweet caused a stir within the Lucifer fandom online over the last few days, picking up nearly 2,500 likes and over 300 retweets. Woodside has offered no further commentary since, but other actors on the show have also weighed in on the upcoming season.

In an interview with The Wrap, for example, star Tom Ellis also claimed that Lucifer Season 6 would have 10 episodes. This is still disappointing to many fans since it is fewer episodes than previous seasons got. However, considering the series was rescued by Netflix, some things were bound to change.

Lucifer stars Ellis as the devil himself, going by the name Lucifer Morningstar while he is on earth. He leaves hell to open a nightclub in Los Angeles but soon finds himself getting entangled with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Laura German), and helping her to solve crimes and save the city.


Lucifer began on Fox back in 2016, where it went from a half-season to a full season order by the time it was canceled. However, recognizing the dedicated fandom behind the series, Netflix picked it up in 2019, funding the 10-episode Season 4, and the two-part Season 5. Part 1 — released on Aug. 21 — was made up of eight episodes, and part 2 will reportedly be the same length.

As for the Season 6 that fans have begged for, it will reportedly be 10 episodes long. It is still a long way off, however, and fans are eager for the rest of Season 5 in the meantime. Lucifer is streaming on Netflix.