Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Releases New Trailer

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for Lucifer Season 5, and it is full of so many twists and turns that fans are certainly in for one hell of a ride. In the newly released clip, we see where the new season will pick up, after Lucifer makes a dramatic exit, and then an explosive re-entrance. "Lucifer 2.0," he calls himself.

Part 1 of Lucifer Season 5 will premiere on Aug 21. Notably, the show will be returning for a final season as well, Season 6, which is said to be its last. Season 5 of Lucifer was originally scheduled to be the final outing for the show, but after it moved from Fox to Netflix for Season 4, the streaming service ordered more episodes due to how big of a hit it became. For a period of time, it looked like Season 6 might not happen, as series star Tom Ellis was reportedly in a contract dispute with the show's producing studio, Warner Bros. Television. That has since been resolved, and fans will get their Lucifer Season 6.

In 2019, Ellis sat down for an interview with Collider, and addressed some of the differences between working with a streaming service and working with a broadcast network. He explained that producing fewer episodes with Netflix was actually preferable for him, and a better manner of storytelling for the show. "What happens when you’re on a network and you have to do 22 episodes is that you end up diluting and elongating and really stretching out a story," Ellis said, then adding that it is "quite a challenge."

He also confessed that his "favorite episodes" from Lucifer's time at Fox, "were always the ones that were rich with story." He added, "The result of having 10 episodes a season is actually a benefit for the show because you get the best version of it. You get the lean, great storytelling, for all of our characters, all the way through the 10 episodes, and it makes it more compelling."

Ellis continued: "Plus, now it all comes out at once, which means that people can do what they like to do and binge it. I’ve watched this season, and I feel like it’s our strongest season, for lots of reasons. The fact that now you can sit down and watch them, one after the other, really changes that. The end of every episode has got something where you want to know what’s next." Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.